Enjoy with 10 Cats in Chozo Inn 

 We have renovated an old Japanese house, which was built 100 years ago.

  There are old style Japanese storage "Kura" and  hearth "Irori" inside of it.

  Also there is a big space garden with big tree and bamboo forest, too.

 "Story to start this accomodation"

 My name is  Erina Kasuga, who runs a lodging in the warehouse and in the hearth in the "cho - zo".

 About 20 years passed since I was born and bred and raised in Sado Island and graduated from high school to go on to university in Kansai, leaving the island in a common form.

 As I grow older, I am deepening the nostalgia of nature and food of Sado Island .

  Then,I felt that I wanted more people to "feel" and "experience" the goodness of this island, and something for the island I decided to start my accommodation with my own desire to do.

 While living in an urban area, there is a stimulating life like "excitement", but I feel like I forgot something behind.

 In such a case, when I return to Sado where I was born and raised and watching the mountains , the sea and seasonal flowers, the feeling of breathing "relieve" will come back.

 While spending daily busy life everyday, everyone feel a lot of stress in the big cities.

  taking in the energy of nature, which will soak into the body, experiencing various activities while feeling the nature of Sado I hope to have fun.

 Regardless, it is a house with an atmosphere that makes me want to say "I'm home!"


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